Friday, November 12, 2010

Sassou Gold Leaf Soap

Instead of writing of how to use the soap, I think it will be a better idea to record a video to demonstrate how to use the soap instead. So, my camera was out of battery during my last bit, I was talking about how I like the soap.

There are few things I like about the soap:
- It does not leave the feeling of dryness after using the soap (you may sometimes feel dry after washing your face with cleanser foam or lotion type)
- gold leaves - Japanese believed that it will lighten the skin and enahnce the complexity - well, I am not sure if that lighten up my skin..but it does reduce the complexity in my skin. i.e I got "TERRIBLE" rashes from Hong Kong (well, still not recoever 100%) but since I start usingthis soap, my rashes has diminished a lot and my skin started to become normal.

The drawback:
- It is only available in Vancouver in Canada so you need to order online
- It is rather expensive - mine was purchase in Hong Kong for $399 HKD including the net to produce the foam

I guess you can make a fair judgement on whether it is worth the $$ to spend on a soap. But for myself, I have always spend most money on face cleanser/ soap because I believe the foundation of skin care is the "cleaning step" not the mositurizing step. That is just my little theory. Enjoy! :)

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